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My Prayer List  1.0
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Company:  Benjamin Hall
Released:  11/13/2008
Platform:  Compatible with iPhone and iPo..
Price:  $1.99
License:  Commercial
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Full Description:

**$1.99 Christmas Sale (normally $4.99)**

My Prayer Lists is a great app to help you keep your prayer life consistent. This app will solve your problems of forgetting what to pray for and when. It will also enable you to email prayers to your friends and remind them of important needs.Simple to use application every morning or evening when you finish your Bible reading.
Email your prayers to friends.
Easily import people to pray for from your address book.
Each day a new verse about prayer will remind you of the importance of prayer.

View a demonstration of this app at

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me at I look forward to hearing from you and pray that you find this app to be a great asset to your life.

May God Bless,
Benjamin Hall




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